Dr. Saad Alshehri
[Speaker, Saudi Arabia]
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Saad Alshehri, MBBS, BSc MLS.
A double degree major of King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences and King Khaled University. Trained in department of pathology and laboratory medicine at Armed forces hospital, he then worked as laboratory specialist at ministry of national guard health affairs, Immunology & Hematopathology section, Riyadh. He then pursues his medical degree in combination to his role as laboratory director.
In June 2016, Dr. Alshehri Joined Thuriah Medical Center -a JCI accredited tertiary multidisciplinary IVF center-, with commitment to delivering a high-quality clinical service.
Dr. Alshehri current practice focuses and overseeing on the field of clinical laboratory and related subdivisions. Dr. Alshehri interests also include clinical research, quality improvement, digital healthcare transformation, and Patient-centered experience.
Alshehri is a Certified Item Author at the Saudi commission for health specialties and has contributed to the licensure examination for laboratory specialists in Saudi Arabia. 

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